Scheduling timetable

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You can also make manual changes to your timetable in the scheduling timetable. All functions for manual scheduling described in chapter 'Scheduling in the timetable' are also available in the scheduling timetable. This tool also provides additional functions for scheduling lesson periods manually. Open the scheduling timetable by selecting 'Scheduling | Scheduling dialogue | Scheduling timetable' from the main menu.





The timetable for class 1a will open displaying additional information relevant for scheduling.





You can see the active class (1a) at the top left of the scheduling timetable. The 'Unscheduled' tab lists all lessons with unscheduled periods. Click on lesson 53 in the list of unscheduled periods. 2 periods are still not scheduled.


In addition to all scheduled periods, the actual timetable section of the window shows additional information about the active lesson.


The active lesson in the example is lesson 53 – German for class 1a with teacher Rub. Accordingly, you see the timetable of class 1a.


If you now wish to schedule a period of the lesson for the 1st period on Thursday, this would prevent teacher Callas' music ('MU') lesson with class 1a. However, this is not the only lesson that would prevent conflict-free scheduling on Thu-1. A lesson with teacher 'Rub' is also already scheduled for this slot. The details window of the scheduling dialogue displays this information, too.


The details window of the scheduling dialogue therefore indicates all lessons that would prevent a conflict-free scheduling of the currently active lesson.