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This function provides various settings affecting the layout of the scheduling dialogue.






Here you define general settings such as font size or the size of the cells, which you actually could also adjust by enlarging the columns or the cells with your mouse. With <Selection range> you define how many periods are displayed in the scheduling dialogue. If, e.g. you have 11 periods in your time grid you can define here that only periods 1 to 8 are shown. This function helps you to use your screen more efficiently.


In the area 'What do you want to show in each cell?' you define what kind of information is shown in the cells of the different elements. In the class cells, for instance, the subject is displayed.



Work place specific settings

When using the Untis software on two different computers (e.g. at school and at home), you will rarely be working with two identical systems. Differences in hardware (screen display, graphics cards etc.) can necessitate annoying and time-consuming adjustments when switching from one system to another.


Your individual settings for the scheduling dialogue (e.g. font size, column width etc.) are therefore saved locally on your computer in the views.ini file.This saves you the trouble of having to re-enter your settings when opening the file on another computer.