Replacing teachers

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Use this function in the scheduling dialogue to replace one teacher with another.


Activate a lesson and click onMP_18_062>. A dialogue will open where you can change the teacher for the lesson.


The left pane of the window displays the teacher(s) of the active lesson. The right pane displays all the teachers available (based on their own timetables) to take on ALL the periods of the active lesson. The following additional details are provided to facilitate the decision-making process:

Per/Wk: Number of periods per week taught by the teacher

UnSc: Number of unscheduled periods

Subject: Teacher already teaches this subject.

Tea. Qual. Teacher is qualified to teach this subject


The example shows that 'Ander', 'Arist' and 'Curie' could take the lesson. However, only 'Ander' has the qualification for the subject. Click on <Assign tea.> to assign the teacher to the lesson.





If you check the box 'Show teachers with clashes' all those teachers will be shown for whom changes in the timetable needed to be done in order to be able to assign them to this lesson. In this respect it is important to know how many clashes needed to be solved and when the clashes are.