Change or add teacher

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You also have the possibility to add or change a teacher to a period in the timetable. Right-click on the respective period and in the list you will see the functions 'Change the teacher in the period' and 'Add teacher'.




Change the teacher in the period


If you click on 'Change the teacher in the period', you can select another teacher for this period in the dialogue popping up under 'New element'. Teachers who are already scheduled for the respective time are highlighted in red.




If, for instance, the teacher is changed in one period of a 5 hour lesson, Untis automatically creates a new one period lesson with the selected teacher. The 5 hour lesson is reduced to 4 hours.



Add teacher


You can add a teacher via 'Add teacher' to any given period.





Also in this dialogue you see which teacher would basically be available. A new lesson is created and the added teacher is coupled with the scheduled teacher.



The following options can be selected in the dialogue 'Change the teacher in the period':

- 'For all periods of the lesson' changes the teacher in the selected period and in all periods of this lesson.

- 'Teacher with qualification for the subject' only appears when you work with the 'lesson planning' module and limits the selection to those teachers who are qualified for this subject according to the recorded data.