Scheduling periods with clashes

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Moving a period to a non-highlighted cell is not possible without creating a clash. The lesson details window displays the lesson number and details of the lesson in conflict with the moved period.


If you decide to drop the period in such a cell, a window will appear showing the following two options:

<Cancel> - cancels the move.

<<Save block> - the 'dragged' (i.e. active) period will be scheduled and the original period will be unscheduled.

<Create clash> schedules the period with class and perhaps even teacher clashes. If you select 'Save with room clash' the room will be scheduled twice, as well.





The period details window displays all the elements of the lessons scheduled at this time. Display conflicts in the timetable (e.g. courses in the same cluster) by activating the option 'Separate periods in case of clash' ('Layout 2' tab under<Timetable Settings>). Please refer to chapter ' Timetable display | customised views | Layout 2'.


Each of these lessons can be selected and moved separately.





You can also move all lessons that lie on one position in one single operation. Hold the <Ctrl> key and click on the respective period. All lessons in this period are selected and you can move them simultaneously.





If you would like to activate this function in general then go to <Settings>on the ‘Layout 2’ tab and check the box: 'DragDrop: Multiple lessons' an.