Planning in the overview timetables

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You are not limited to the single timetables for manual planning. You can also use the overview timetables for classes and teachers. This helps you keep an overview of all teachers and classes.





The unscheduled periods are displayed as little cards below the timetable and can be scheduled via drag and drop.


For a better overview, you can reduce the display to single classes by selecting the elements you want from the selection list. Hold the <Ctrl> key down and click on the respective elements. You also can permanently save these filters. For more details please refer to the chapter 'Timetable display | Timetable formats | Overview Timetables'.



Change room in overview timetable


As an alternative to the room allocation dialogue, you also can change a room in any room overview timetable. Just drag the period from one room to another. If the room is already occupied, the rooms are swapped.