Deleting periods

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Delete (i.e. de-schedule) periods using one of the following options:


By double clicking on an active period

By clicking on the <Delete period> buttonMP_18_052

By pressing the <DEL> key

Via the context menu (right mouse button)

Using drag & drop in the period details window

Deleting periods of a row

Click on <Delete periods of one row> if you wish to delete the entire timetable row of a particular element (e.g. class 1a).MP_18_057.


Delete, Activate lesson

If you want to delete a non-active period and re-schedule it immediately, click on <Delete, Activate Lesson>MP_18_056. This unschedules the lesson and automatically activates it so that you can schedule it in a different slot straight away. Alternatively, use the key combination CTRL+X.