Scheduling periods

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MP_43600 .... Denotes a period of the active lesson


MP_43700 .... Locked period of the active lesson (please refer to chapter 'Locking periods')


x.... Fields marked with a small x are already blocked by the teacher, for instance, teacher Rub is already scheduled to teach class 3a on We-6, which means that lesson 53 with teacher Rub cannot be scheduled for We-6 without creating a clash.


X.... A capital X shows a coupling involving the teacher.


*x*, *X*, *&*..... A marker with two asterisks denotes locked periods creating a conflict (e.g. the PE lesson on Thu-7,8 involving teacher Rub). Locked periods cannot be moved by the automated scheduling tool (see chapter 'Locking periods').


&.... Denotes periods with several unavailable elements (classes and/or teachers).


- 3.... Some periods, in which neither the class nor the teacher are busy, are marked with time requests. -3 indicates that it is not possible to schedule in these periods. The reason for this is that class 1a is blocked due to a time request (see 'Classes | Time requests').


You can schedule the active lesson in a period if a free slot. You have several possibilities now:

- double click on a free slot

- click on the symbolMP_44000,

- press the <Insert> key.





Room allocation

Click on lesson 21 on the 'Unscheduled' tab. As you can see, some periods are highlighted in purple. This indicates that the allocated room (and all alternative rooms) are already occupied.





For purposes of clarity, the colour codes defined in the master data and displayed in the scheduling timetable can be deactivated by clicking on 'Show lesson colours'MP_44200.