Timetable window

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In the timetable window you see all elements involved in a certain lesson grouped according to elements. There is, for instance, a totals row for all classes involved in this lesson. In this totals row you see a period marker like in the scheduling timetable. For more detailed information regarding the period marker please refer to the chapter 'Scheduling timetable | Scheduling periods'.


When you click on + at the beginning of the totals row the dialogue shows all elements involved. In our example, classes 1a and 1b are involved in lesson 7.






The same principle holds true for teachers. Provided that you have defined alternative rooms in the master data, Untis shows the respective room and its alternative rooms in the scheduling dialogue when you expand the room window. The totals row shows how many rooms are free. '2/5' means that 2 of 5 possible rooms are free at that time.







Tip: Space saving display for lessons with only a few elements

Check the box 'Do not show the totals if there is only one additional row' via the settings of the scheduling dialogue. This view is clearer for displaying lessons when e.g. only one teacher is involved, since the totals row will not be shown.


TheMP_43600in the first line shows that lesson 11 is among others scheduled for Saturday, period 4.


If a slot is free in the grid this means that this element (teacher, class, room) can still be scheduled at this time. In our example Fr-5 in classes 1a and 1b is still free. You can double check this easily by referring to the class timetable.


In the line of the lesson you see <!1!> for this period meaning that this position is a good slot for this active lesson would. <!1!> is the best suited available slot, <!2!> second best and so on and so forth.





Respective time requests for the lesson and for all elements involved are shown in the defined colours. If a time request has been defined for a teacher in the master data, then it will be shown in the teacher’s line.

If there are unspecific time requests, they will be shown in a different colour, depending on your settings for time requests. In our example the unspecific time request is highlighted in purple:







A time request defined in the master data or in the lesson can be deleted in the scheduling dialogue by clicking on <Delete period>, by pressing the <Del> key or you can change it in the time request window.