Chained swaps

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The chained swaps function is accessible from the <Chained swaps> tab in the scheduling dialogue.

1.Open the file demo.gpn, the scheduling dialogue and a class timetable.


The aim of this exercise is to swap the cursor-defined lesson (lesson 38, Callas, MU, 2a) with a lesson in a different slot.

2.        Start the swap chain by clicking on <Start> on the 'Chained swaps' tab.





The lesson row now displays a series of number symbols in some of the cells in the time grid. The lower the value, the better Untis evaluates the position. Two exclamation marks after the number (e.g.MP_18_076) indicate that a swap to this position would displace a lesson already scheduled for this slot. One exclamation mark before and one after the number (e.g.MP_18_077) indicate that a swap would not cause a displacement of another lesson, completing the swap chain.


You wish to move lesson 38 (Callas, 2a, MU) from Mon-1 to Tue-1. This will displace one period of lesson 41 (Callas, 2a, AR).

3.        Position the cursor on Tue-1 and click on <Swap>.


The original period of lesson 38 has now been moved to Tue-1. The change is also reflected on the timetable Lesson 41 with one displaced period automatically becomes the active lesson.





Again, Untis marks suitable swap positions with numbers displayed in the lesson row.


If you are dissatisfied with the swap results, you can undo individual steps of the process or even the entire swap chain





You now wish to schedule the displaced period of lesson 41 for Sat-1 TheMP_18_080indicates that this will not displace any further lesson and the swap chain will be complete.

4.        Position the cursor on Sat-1 and click on the <Swap> button.


Lesson 41 (Callas, 2a, AR) displaced from Tue-1 has been moved to Sat-1. The swap chain is now complete.


Please note that function 'Chained swaps' only supports swaps that do not result in a significant decrease in timetable quality (based on the weighting settings you have entered). This means that only the swap partners identified in the lesson row can be used for swapping.