Marking views "Public"

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Sometimes the feature described above is not desired, e.g. when Untis provides views at several terminals which should be centrally controlled by the administrator.


In this case Untis offers the possibility to check specific views with the flag "Public". In this way, the view is made available to all users, and alterations are displayed to all users, as well.





Only users with the "Administrator" right can set or remove the "Public" flag.




Only the setting defining which view is the default view and which view is to be displayed in the menu is saved for each user, i.e. each user can choose which view is opened by default by activating e.g. "Timetable | Classes".






As soon as a view is marked "Public", all views of other users which bear the same short name will be overwritten without the system prompting for confirmation.



When a user creates a new view and marks it "Public" it is available to all users. As soon as the check is removed the view is available for private use to the user who has created this view as well as to the user who has removed the check. The view will no longer be displayed in the list of all views to all other users


Please also note that the 'Public' flag and the 'Standard' flag are completely independent. It is up to each user as to whether a 'Public' view is used as 'Standard'.