Automatic login

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Untis MultiUser offers the possibility for users to log in to the set of data of their school automatically when they start Untis. The procedure is similar to setting up a link for Info mode:

1.Right-click on an empty space on your Windows desktop and choose "New | Link" from the context menu .

2.The target of this link has to be the Untis program. The link for the 2019 version could look like this:


C:\Program Files\Untis\2019\Untis.exe

 To be logged in automatically you also have to enter school, school year and version separated by a tilde ~ and a preceded by "DB" as well as user name and password. This could look as follows:


DB~myschool1~2018-2019~1 /user=admin /pw=admin


         Hence the complete path looks like this:


C:\Programs\Untis\2019\Untis.exe DB~myschool1~2018-2019~1 /user=admin /pw=admin


Please note that if you launch the program in this way then the password is displayed in plain text in the information about the link.