Creating users

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Users with the right User administration can administer existing users and create new ones via "Modules | MultiUser | User administration | Users".        Every user is assigned to exactly one user group.



There are several possibilities to make entries for existing users:

You can assign a user to any user group by using a combo box that appears when you click on the relevant field in the table.




 Please note that the "Last login" field contains information about when a user last logged in.

If a user has forgotten the password, the administrator can delete or change it in the "User administration" window. The user should then enter a new password using the <Change password> button in the login dialogue. (See the following figure.)









Only users who have the "Administrator" right can assign the "Administrator " right to user groups.


If more than one school is held in the same database, an administrator can assign user groups only to his/her own school.


As with user groups, all entries are temporary and are only written to the database after you have confirmed with <OK>. An exception is creating new users, which are written to the database immediately.


Departments at user level


If you are working with the Department timetables module, it is possible to define rights to departments at user level. In the "User" dialogue you can assign any user to his/her department via the corresponding field. To delete entries, press the <Delete> key.





If there are departments defined at user level, all entries that were made in the field "Department" for user groups will be ignored.


Via the "Departments" combo box at the main tool bar the user can only switch to those departments for which he/she has rights