Data consistency

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Several safety mechanisms are implemented in Untis MultiUser to ensure the consistency of the data.


For example, it is not possible to change master data and lessons during an optimisation of the timetable in the same term. The user whose processing is not possible will receive a message to that effect.





For the following actions the user has to be the only one logged into the system:

Import of data

Import of departments

Editing of licence data

Specific settings (school data, time grid, etc)

"File | New School Year..."

Creating or editing of terms

Optimisation of more than one term

Entry and editing of holidays


In some cases (e.g. holidays) it is possible to open the windows and dialogues concerned if the user is not the only one in the system. However, it is not possible to change data


You can log out active users to gain exclusive access to the database (see chapter " Logging out other users".