Protection against unauthorised access

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MySQL and MS SQL provide many possibilities to protect access to the database. Visit the vendors' websites to find out more about these.


Microsoft Access databases can also be protected against unauthorised access.




The explanation below describes the procedure when using Microsoft Office Access 2007. The procedure may differ a great deal from the one described below if you use a different version of Access. Please consult the Microsoft Access help feature in this event.


Launch the Access application and click on "File | Open". From the different possibilities to open the file "Untis.mdb" select option "Open Exclusive" (see figure below).





On the "Database tools" tab and select the <Encrypt with password> option and define a password.





You must now enter this password in the ODBC connection, as well. To do this, click on <Advanced> in the Untis ODBC connection and enter the password you defined in Access in the "Password" field. You can leave the "Login name" field empty.