The login dialogue

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When you launch Untis MultiUser for the first time and have not transferred any data from a .gpn file, you can access the Login dialogue via menu item "File |Login". (If you wish to import data from an existing .gpn file, you will have opened this dialogue as described in the previous chapter via 'Modules | MultiUser | Store in database'.)


When you start the login dialogue for the first time it will look as follows:






Since logging in is only possible if you have chosen a school, a school year and a version, the first step is to define this basic data.


The default setting is user "Administrator" of the user group of the same name (no password set). This user group has all rights that can be assigned.


Creating a new school


To create a new school, click on the <New> button in section "School number" in the login dialogue.




The school number in the database must be unique, i.e. it is not possible to give two schools the number 1. You can also enter text in the input field "School number" as long as it contains a unique combination of numbers and does not exceed 50 characters (e.g. Hogwarts1). You can enter any text in the input field "Text".



Creating a new school year


You can save as many school years per created school as you wish. To create a new school year click on the <New> button in section "School year" in the login dialogue. You can add supplemental text in the Text field here as well.





The format of the school year should be [year1]/[year2]. Untis makes a suggestion depending on the school year of the .gpn file that you are currently working with. If there is no .gpn file loaded, the suggestion will be based on the system date


Creating a new version


You can store up to 255 different timetable versions per defined school year in your database. One version corresponds to one .gpn file.





To create a new version click on the <New> button in input box "Version". Assign your new version a unique number within the school year. You may also choose to add a descriptive text.


Logging in


Once at least one school, a school year and a version have been created you can log in to the data set.





The default user setting in the empty database provided by Gruber&Petters is "Administrator" (no password set). This user ID has all user rights and cannot be deleted.


When you first log in to the database of a newly created school, the window with the licence data will open up automatically. Enter your licence data and confirm your input with <OK>. This step will not be required if you have imported data from a .gpn file following the instructions of the previous chapter. You can now work with Untis as usual.