Changing the same data simultaneously

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Many activities of several users can be performed simultaneously. It is no problem when e.g. two users work on master data and lessons at the same time. Untis checks about every 10 seconds to see whether changes have been made to the data set, and, if necessary, updates the information.


If two (or more) users modify the same record (e.g. change a full name or schedule a period at two different places) then the user whose data was written to the database first "wins". The other user receives a message that the change could not be carried out. The following figure demonstrates this process:







Entries of user 2 are read and displayed to user 1 with a delay of approx. 10 seconds.

There are, however, actions that cannot be performed simultaneously with specific other actions. They are called "critical actions" below. For some of these actions, the user has to use the system exclusively, i.e. no other user may be logged in the version that is being modified.


Cover planning has a special status because of the highly sensitive data that is administered there (see chapter "Cover planning and timetable planning").