Sending messages

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To send a message to one or more users first go to "Modules | MultiUser | User messages".




In the "User messages" dialogue click on the <New> button and enter the text that you wish to send in the lower section of the dialogue.





All users registered in the database are displayed in the upper left section of the dialogue. Via the columns "School", "School year" and "Version" you can see in which set of data a user is working, if one of these users is currently logged in.


Select the users who are to receive your message and click on the <Add recipient> button. Alternatively, you can add users with a double click in the list of recipients




You can select more than one user if you hold the <CTRL> key down.






If the message is to be sent to all users who are currently logged in then click on the button <Active users>. This adds all users to the list of recipients who are currently working in the set of data that you are logged in to.


Click on the <Send> button to start the process of sending the message.