Creating a new school year

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At the end of a school year Untis offers many possibilities to perform numerous functions for the creation of a new school year automatically. Needless to say, you can use these functions with MultiUser as well. As in the single-user version, go to "File | New school year" and first define the dates for the beginning and end of the school year to come.


After clicking <OK>, a dialogue will appear where you can define to which school year and version of the database the data are to be transferred.





By default Untis suggests as the new school year the dates that are entered in the dialogue "New school year". If this school year does not yet exist in the database it will be created.




Especially with Untis MultiUser we recommend to create the new school year with this function since the data are automatically cleared (e.g. substitution data), as well as window groups and formats for all users are imported. If you create a new school year manually, you need to do these tasks by yourself.