Room planning and cover planning

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From the Untis MultiUser 2016 verion onwards there is the possibility to change room allocations in the timetable mode simultaneously to cover planning.


The following rule applies:

Scheduling information (room allocations) in already existing cover data are not changed!


Initial situation:


- class 3a usually had GD (geometric drawing) on Thursdays in period 3 in room R3a

- On 13 September GD will take place in the physics lab as an exception. The room change was executed in cover planning





At the same time the following changes are made in the timetable mode:


- Regular GD lessons of class 3a should from now on take place in room R2a

- Physics lessons of class 2a on Thursdays in period three should from now on take place in the physics lab







Scheduling information in the field 'Room' is not touched, in the column '(Room)', however, the new room 'R2a' has been entered. When working parallel in both modes, clashes can occur. These are highlighted in a different colour in the cover list. If the physics lab is scheduled in the timetable mode like in the example, the clash of the respective cell is highlighted. Furthermore, the substitution number is coloured in red.