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You can assign the rights described below to the user groups by checking the boxes.


Create school / create school year / create version


These three user rights are required to create new data records in the login dialogue (school, school year and version).


You will also need the right "create version" if you wish to transfer a .gpn file to the database (via menu item "File | Store in database") or if you wish to transfer data from one version to another.




A group with the Administrator right always has the User administration right (see next item). However, not every group with the user administration right is necessarily an administrator.


The right allows the following actions to be performed:

oAssign the administrator right

oAssign the Create school / school year or create version right

oThese rights are automatically assigned with the Administrator right but can be removed on request.

oEdit licence data

oEdit public views

oCreate / edit external elements

oMerge data


User administration


This right relates to the creation and administration of users and user groups


A user administrator cannot assign the following rights: administrator, create school, create school year and create version.




This right allows the following activities:

oTimetable optimisation

oTimetable optimisation in more than one term (provided you have the right to work in the selected terms)

oRoom optimisation

oWeighting settings


oOverall diagnosis

oCCC analysis

oDelete timetable

oEdit break supervisions




This right allows statistics and reports to be viewed and printed.


Substitution statistics


This right allows substitution statistics in cover planning to be viewed and printed.




This right allows the export of data from Untis to WebUntis and vice versa.


Data import/export


This right allows all imports and exports to be performed, including export to a .gpn file




This right allows functions related to the module Info-timetable to be performed.


The following rights can be used together with the levels "No rights", "Read only", "Edit views" and "Edit"



Read only


- View timetables

- Edit timetables

- Diagnosis

- Scheduling dialogue

- CCC analysis

- Scheduling timetable:

- Overall diagnosis

- Unschedule all periods

- View break supervisions

- Edit break supervisions


Edit views (in addition to 'Read only')

oModify timetable views (button <Timetable settings>)

oDefine timetable formats


Master data

Read only


- View master data

- Edit master data

-Auxiliary function "Subject group to alias" (File / Auxiliary functions)

-Auxiliary function "Enumerate teachers" (File / Auxiliary functions)


Edit views (in addition to 'Read only')

oCreate master data views

oModify master data views (button <Grid adjustment>)


Special data


This right allows the user to view and edit the following data


oSchool holidays

o'File | Auxiliary functions |Ext.elements: Repair TT data'

oItems in the "Settings" menu

 The "Settings | Miscellaneous" menu item includes some items that are not stored in the database but in the file "Untis.ini" on the local hard drive (e.g. the path to backup files)

 These items are always available irrespective of a user's rights.



Read only


- Lessons

- The right includes all functions of the module "Lesson planning and value calculation" such as:

- Lesson groups

- Team optimisation

- Lesson sequences

- Teacher assignment

- Lesson table

- Create lessons from the lesson table

- Subject bottlenecks

- etc.

and the auxiliary functions

-Coupl. to less.-sequ.

- Stud.-totals to lessons

- Split multi-period lessons

In the module cover planning

- Transfer standbys to lessons

- Lessons for class conferences

Edit views (in addition to 'Read only')

oCreate new lesson views

oModify existing lesson views (buttons <Grid adjustment> and <Settings>)




This right enables you to view and edit or to create new terms.

oMultiple terms

oFinnish term planning

oYear's planning in terms

oTerm calendar

oTerm summary


Cover planning


oView / edit all data of the module cover planning (except absences)




oView / edit absences


Course scheduling


oThis right allows to view / edit data in the modules "Student timetable" and "Course scheduling".



 View / edit reductions and reduction reasons