Shared resources

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Many schools share certain resources such as gymnasia or teachers who work at different schools. It is necessary to arrange in the planning phase which resource will be available to which school at what time in order to prevent clashes between the elements in question.


With MultiUser it is possible to define these shared resources in the database as such. You can access the state of the scheduling of the shared resources in the other school at any time is a similar way to resources that are shared between departments



Tip: External resources in the department timetable

At very large schools the loading of a .gpn file or the login to the database can take a long time because of the huge amount of data. When you create schools instead of departments and you define resources shared by these schools (instead of shared by departments) you can break up the data into smaller amounts without losing track of the shared elements. Performance will improve dramatically as only the data of one department has to be loaded at a time.