Technical background

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Untis MultiUser can run with any of the following databases: MySQL -, MS SQL- or Microsoft Access . Access to the data takes place via ODBC, with data updates being performed asynchronously. Untis checks automatically every 10 seconds to see whether other users have made any modifications, in which case data will be updated. When a Microsoft Access database is used, the application itself does not need to be installed since the installation of an ODBC driver is sufficient to connect to the database.


The use of Untis MultiUser does not exclude working with .gpn files. You can store Untis MultiUser data records in a .gpn file, import from an existing .gpn file and optionally store them in the database. Please refer to chapter " Database and .gpn file " for more details.



Operation via the Internet


Untis MultiUser can be operated easily via the Internet when a MySQL database used. This allows several departments that are located far apart to work on the timetable at the same time. Each department has up-to-date information about the current scheduling status of resources shared with other departments.


Multi-client capability


Untis MultiUser is multi-client capable, i.e. you can use a single database to store several schools, per school several school years and per school year up to 255 different (timetable) versions.

One version of one given school year of one given school corresponds to the amount of data of one .gpn file.



Database reorganisation


Database reorganisation is recommended if you are working with Microsoft Access and the speed of Untis MultiUser decreases or if the .mdb file is getting too large. This requires Microsoft Access to be installed on your computer. With Microsoft Access 2007, open your Untis database (by default 'Untis.mdb' or Untis.accdb', respectively) and click on the 'Database tools' tab and then click on the option 'Compact and repair database'.

If you use an earlier version than Access 2010 then it this process will be a little bit different.