Transfer of .gpn files into the database

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Transfer of .gpn files to the database To transfer a particular .gpn file to the database first enter the licence data that you used to activate Untis MultiUser via "Settings | Licence data" then save the file and proceed as follows:

1.Open the file and go to the menu item "File | Store in database".

2.Select a school, a school year and a version to which the file is to be transferred. You can create a new version as described in chapter The login dialogue . If you select a version that already contains data, you will overwrite data in the database.

3.Select user ID and password. Confirm with <OK>. The set of data will be transferred and you will be logged in automatically.



Tip: Backing up versions

This process transfers the data that is currently in memory to the database. If you are working with a particular version and you wish to save the current state as backup in the database then transfer the data to a new version and continue working there.