Cover planning and timetable planning

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When a user with editing rights works in the cover planning module it is not possible for other users to change the timetable in the same term. After all, cover planning requires a fixed timetable as a basis. The scheduler will receive the following message:





However, it is possible for the substitution planner to perform cover planning in the current timetable while at the same time the scheduler works on changes to a subsequent term in the timetable. Changes which are not relevant to the timetable (e.g. text fields in master data) are also possible.


From the 2016 version onwards room planning is exempted from this. While one or more users work on cover planning, it is possible to make room changes in the timetable planning. See chapter Room planning and cover planning .


You can restrict cover planning to the currently selected term by ticking the checkbox "Restrict cover planning to current term" under "Settings | Miscellaneous | Multiple Terms". Now user of the Untis mode are no longer blocked by cover planners in other terms.