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In order to obtain a good timetable, it is important to locate possible bottlenecks that might cause an obstruction for the scheduling tool, and to eliminate these before the optimisation .


Such bottlenecks occur in the form of Critical Conflict Chains (CCC). These are defined as groups of lessons that cannot be scheduled at the same time due to a conflict between classes and/or coupled teachers.







The total number of periods per week involved in a chain is a measure of how difficult it is for the software to schedule the lessons in the chain. If this number is greater than the number of periods available in the time grid, it is mathematically impossible to schedule all the lessons in this chain.


The CCC analysis is opened via the 'Scheduling' tab under 'Diagnosis | CCC Analysis' and starts searching for the longest of these chains. The analysis can take up to several minutes, depending on the size of your school.