The details window

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The details window on the right side of the diagnosis window allows you to obtain further information about individual items by selecting the item in the selection window.


By clicking on the link 'Show related windows' all dialogues relevant to the diagnosed problem are opened. The diagram shows, for instance, that no room was defined for lesson 82 for teacher Gauss.







As soon as the problem has been solved it is shown by a check in the 'Status' column (traffic light icon) of the diagnoses window. As soon as a new diagnosis is run, this point is not shown any more.







The diagnosis indicates possible problems in data or in timetables. However, it may be that you intentionally have not defined a room for a lesson. In such a case you either ignore the entry in the diagnosis or mark the respective entry by clicking your right mouse button and select 'Ignore this flaw' in the context menu.


If you do not want to see these points in the list again, select 'Do not show ignored breaches' from the context menu of your right mouse button.








The point 'Ignore this flaw' shown in the context menu exclusively serves clarity within the diagnosis. It has absolutely no effect on a timetable optimisation run after the diagnosis.