Subject 1/day impossible

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An explanatory text is displayed in the details window of the diagnosis for each diagnosis item. However, the item 'Subject only once per day not possible' under the heading 'Input Data | Class' deserves special attention. By default, the scheduling algorithm attempts to schedule a subject only once per day. The relevant subjects will be listed in the diagnosis, if this is not possible since too many periods have to be spread over the days available.


The figure below shows that a special tuition teacher is scheduled to take class 1a for the subject ST comprising 5 periods each of English and German. This means that 10 weekly periods are defined for the subject ST with class 1a. Untis would attempt to schedule this subject just once per day. However, since 10 individual periods cannot be fitted into a 5-day week, the issue will be listed.





Possible solutions for this concrete example:


Set up double periods or block conditions

Activate the '(2) More than once a day' option for the subject ST in the subjects master data

Change the subject name of one of the lessons taught (e.g. 'ST_GE' for special tuition in German)