Section: Subjects

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Use the following weighting settings to control the level of compliance with the specifications entered for optional subjects and fringe period subjects. These are defined under 'Subjects | Master Data' or in one of the 'Lessons' windows (code '(O)' for optional subject and code '(F)' for fringe period).Fringe period and optional subjects are usually lessons not attended by all the students of a class. To avoid NTPs for the rest of the students, these subjects should preferentially be scheduled at the beginning or the end of a halfday.


You have three possible rules to define for optional subjects and fringe periods by checking the box next to it.

'in the first period', if the first period of the day is available for scheduling

'in the last period', if the last period of the day is available for scheduling

>-'between morning and afternoon', if the time between the morning and afternoon periods is available for scheduling


The only difference between optional and fringe period subjects are the different weighting settings you have defined.




You can also control the scheduling of fringe period and optional subjects exclusively via the time request function. However, the optimisation tool will profit from a higher degree of flexibility when working with weighting settings rather than time requests.

Lesson not to be held in fringe period is code = G

A subject or lesson marked with G is not to be scheduled in fringe periods, but rather in the 'middle' of the day. This weighting controls the level of importance of the settings.