Section: Rooms

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Optimisation of room allocation

Via the 'Room Weight' field under 'Rooms | Master data' you define how important a room is for a lesson. A room without specific equipment can easily be replaced by another room (enter 0), a PE lesson only makes sense when the sports hall is available (enter 4).

The 'Optimisation of room allocation' weighting controls the level of importance of the entered room weighting.




If the weighting slider is set to 5 ('extremely important') or 4 ('very important') and if, in addition, the room weighting of the subject room is set to 4, the lesson will not be scheduled unless a suitable subject room can be found.


Optimisation of the off-site rooms

- Controls the level of compliance with the specified walking times required to reach off-site buildings (e.g. external sites). Please refer to chapter 'User tips | Off-site rooms' for further details.


Take room capacity into consideration

As a rule, the optimisation tool and the room optimisation function attempt to allocate a room with a room capacity appropriate for the number of students in the class. If this presents a problem, the programme searches for a room that is slightly larger than required. In extreme cases, the software may allocate a room that is slightly smaller than required.