List of teacher teams

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Via the <Displays the list of teacher teams> button or the <Print list of teacher teams> button you will get a handy reference of the composition of the teacher teams at your school.


At the end of the list the teachers and the teacher teams (couplings), in which they are involved, are displayed. The higher the number of the teacher teams is the more difficult the scheduling of the lessons of this teacher is from this point of view. In our example, it is teacher Ander who is scheduled in five different teacher teams.



The inverse conclusion of this is that the lower the number of the different teacher teams is the easier it is to schedule a timetable. If teacher Ander, for instance, has already been scheduled and coupled with Gauss, it would be good if this team will be coupled in other lessons, as well. The lesson planning and value calculation modules help with e.g. colour codes in the teacher suggestion. For further information please go to the module manual.