View optimisation results

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When the optimisation is completed the best result is loaded. Via the optimisation dialogue you can switch to other timetables, as well. Click on the respective line in the upper part of the window.


Every individual timetable can be stored as a separate file (work1.gpn to work n .gpn) by selecting the option 'Save the results of the optimisation in work files'by going to <Settings>, 'Miscellaneous | Auto-Save' . This gives you the possibility to load, view and analyse all the results anytime.


After you have confirmed by clicking on the yellow-blue button, you can switch to the different optimisation results either by loading the work.gpn files or you load them via the 'Start' tab, menu item 'Optimisation | Optimised Timetables'. The latter method is only possible during the session in which the optimisation was started. If Untis was closed inbetween, this menu item is greyed out.








You can change the directory of the work.gpn files via the <Settings> on the 'Start' tab. Go to 'Miscellaneous | Directories' and define a path in the field 'Optimisation results'.