Overall diagnosis

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The overall diagnosis function provides an overview of the classes and teachers that have ended up with the worst timetables (measured against your settings). Access the total diagnosis function on the 'Scheduling' tab via the menu 'Diagnosis | Overall Diagnosis'.


The overall diagnosis function applies to only one specific week just like the diagnosis function


Depending on the settings (class or teacher) the window lists all elements of your school in separate lines. The elements are sorted according to the column 'Points', these points indicate how good the quality of your timetable is concerning the respective element. The more points an alement has, the worse is the timetable.


All the other columns show the three worst periods per element, the diagram shows that the worst period of class 2b is, for instance, Thursday, period 7. Click on the points and the reason for this bad assessment will be shown in the 'Reason' column. Furthermore an accompanying timetable synchronises automatically to this period. In the example the reason for the bad assessment is 'Room not available', a better result could be achieved by scheduling a room.









An empty field under 'Reason' indicates that the timetable for this class or teacher is already very good. The displayed period for the respective element may be one of the three worst placed ones, overall, however, it is fairly well placed. It is unnecessary, therefore, to change the period manually.


In short, the diagnosis function provides an overview of all timetables while the overall diagnosis function targets the worst timetables in the school and aims to improve them. The overall diagnosis window also displays the causes of violations.