Specify supervision areas

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After the preparatory master data inputs have been made, actual supervision can be specified. This is effected using the central planning tool of break supervision scheduling, the break supervision dialogue.



Using the selection list on the corridor tab, first select the area that you wish to schedule for supervision (1) from the upper section of the window.





In the lower half of the window, use the cursor to select those breaks for which you wish to assign supervisions for the selected area (2).


Now click on the <Supervision> button (3). The '???' symbol will now be displayed in the selected cells to indicate that the supervisions have in principle been scheduled but that no supervising teacher has yet been assigned.


These supervisions are called vacant supervisions.



Note: Last period

You can allocate supervisions even after the last period.


Repeat this process for all supervision areas. You can deactivate unnecessary supervisions by selecting them and clicking on the <No Supervision>(3) button.


You can switch the supervisions dialogue between portrait and landscape orientation using the relevant button.