Teacher suggestion

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The teacher suggestion function helps you to find a teacher for a certain supervision.


The following example is illustrated in the Demo6.gpn file.

1.First delete all entered supervisions by clicking on the <´Teacher-> ?> button





and in the prompt that is then displayed select the option 'Delete all supervisions'.





2.        Position the cursor on the supervision Monday 0/1.





In principle it does not matter if the supervision is vacant - ??? - or allocated.

3.        Now open <Teacher suggestion>.




This window displays all those teachers who could take the current supervision. The list is sorted according to minus points that result from the weighting you define. If, for example, the 'Lesson in corridor before break' parameter has a high weighting relative to the other factors, the teachers concerned will be ranked higher (the weighting parameters are described in detail on the following pages).






The individual columns of each teacher row indicate whether a condition applies or not. Thus the 'Less. before' column is checked if the teacher is teaching in the lesson before this break. Conditions weighted 'Unimportant' are not displayed.


4.        Clicking the <Apply> button (or double-clicking in the corresponding row) allocates the teacher to the supervision