Weighting parameters

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Please note that the system will search for the most suitable teacher for each supervision, i.e. for a specific time period in a specific corridor.


Do not exceed max. minutes of the teacher

Use this setting to adjust whether and to what extent the system may exceed the value defined under 'Maximum number of minutes break supervision per week' in the teachers' master data.


Lesson before/after the break

Move the slider control to the right if the teacher should have a lesson immediately before or after the supervision.


Lesson in the corridor before/after the break

Use this parameter to determine if those teachers teaching before or after the break in a room on that corridor (i.e. a room where the master data contains an entry for this corridor) should be favoured.


Not before 1st period of the day

Supervisions before the first period of the day are generally unpopular. Use this setting to prevent teachers being scheduled for a supervision before their first lesson of the day.


Not after last period of the day

Just like supervisions before the first period of the day, supervisions after the last period are not particularly popular. Use this parameter to prevent teachers being scheduled for a supervision after their last lesson of the day.


No supervision double period breaks

Use this parameter to control to what extent the teacher is to be scheduled for supervision in the breaks between double periods.


No consecutive supervisions

This is where you specify whether it is important for you to avoid consecutive supervisions for a teacher


Not before/after time request

There are reasons for blocked times (time request -3 ). It can often be that a teacher is not in the school for a blocked period. Use this setting to prevent supervisions directly before/after a blocked period.


<B>Max. break superv./day

This setting determines how important it is to comply with the maximum amount of supervision per day entered in the corresponding field.


NTP PRIOR TO / AFTER break supervision

It is sometimes desirable to give priority to scheduling supervisions before or after non-teaching periods.


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