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Next you must determine the maximum break supervision (in minutes) each teacher should perform Each break supervision can last a different length of time. Untis therefore uses minutes to measure break supervision.


Enter this upper limit for weekly break supervisions in the teachers master data in the 'BS max.' (break supervision maximum) field in minutes.


The 'BS' field also displays how many minutes supervision have already been scheduled for the respective teacher. ('BS' = number of weekly break supervision minutes). If the 'BS' value exceeds the value in 'BS Max', the 'BSmax' value is displayed on a red background as a warning.


Enter 0 in the 'BS max.' field if a teacher is not to be assigned to supervisions.








Teachers for whom the BS max. field is set to 0 will not be assigned any break supervisions during break supervision optimisation.



You can obtain a summary of all break supervision minutes so far allocated by marking column 'BS max.' (1) in the page layoutPA_0006(the column will be displayed green) and then (2) activating the totalPA_0007. You can display the master data view on the screen or you can print it (see figure).









The field Break sup. in the teacher master data shows to you the actual number of scheduled break supervisions per week as an alternative to the scheduled minutes.