Block teachers for supervisions

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The scheduler will generally attempt to take individual teachers’ wishes into account when allocating supervisions. For example this can be effected by blocking teachers for certain supervisions.


Activate the 'Teachers' tab in the supervisions dialogue.





Green in the table indicates all the supervisions that are particularly suitable for the corresponding teacher (in the above example it is teacher Gauss) on the basis of his/her timetable and in accordance with the weighting parameters set by you.


However, teacher Gauss is the substitution scheduler at our demonstration school and must draw up the substitution plan before lessons begin every day. He should therefore not be allocated supervisions during this time (i.e. before the first lesson).

1.In the weekly table select those cells where the teacher in question should not be allocated any supervision (1).

2.Then click on the <Block> button (2).

3.The teacher is now blocked for supervisions at the times indicated.