Room weighting

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Room weighting The room weighting specifies the importance of a room for the lessons which are to be scheduled in it.


A room weighting of 0 indicates that the room (and its alternative rooms) is unimportant for the lesson. A room weighting of 4 signifies that scheduling the lesson only makes sense if the desired room (or one of the alternative rooms) is available. Physical education lessons, for example, only make sense if one of the gym halls is free, and cookery only makes sense if the kitchen is available, whereas maths may be taught in any room of the school which happens to be free.





We recommend that you leave the other input fields free for the moment. You can always refine your entries at some later time when you have familiarised yourself with the basic Untis functions and wish to adjust your timetable to take account of the specific characteristics of your school. Detailed information on these fields can be found in the user manuals and in the online help.