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The procedure for entering rooms, classes, teachers and subjects is the same for all elements. Its principle will be explained with rooms.


Room name

Use an appropriate abbreviation which uniquely characterises the room of your school, e.g. GYM1 for Gym Hall 1 or R10 for room number 10.



Tip: Short room names

We recommend that you include at least one character in each room name and do not use numbers exclusively (e.g. R10 instead of 10). This helps to avoid confusion with possible classes of the same name and increases the legibility of the timetable or cover schedule. Rooms should not be given the same names as classes (e.g. R1a for class 1a's classroom) as this would mean having to rename the rooms each school year.


Full name

Enter a full name which describes the room in more detail.

The list of rooms in the file demo.gpn shows the classes and subject rooms entered. You should enter alternative rooms and room weightingsfor automated scheduling.