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users - Activating access to exemptions: <Class register> | <Exemptions>.




The right for exemptions is not automatically assigned in combination with the global right: ' Class register '. You need to explicitly assign this right to the required user group in order to be able to have access to exemptions.





Can administer exemptions of students of their own classes. Without the 'All' option only class teachers/form teachers have the permission to create and edit exemptions.

'Normal' teachers who are no class teachers/form teachers have the permission to read exemptions. WebUntis implicitly checks, if the current teacher is a class teacher/form teacher.


MaleClipboard - Without the 'All' right these user groups do not have access to exemptions. With this additional right, they can edit, delete and create all exemptions.


PersonPeople - Right to read user’s exemptions or the exemptions of user’s own children: <Class register> | <Exemptions>.