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This document describes the different user rights in WebUntis. Just go to <Administration> | <User groups> | <Rights>.

The rights are described per module.

The rights of the following user groups are described:

Male Teacher

Boss Class teacher

Person Student

People Parent or legal guardian

Clipboard Others (headmaster, head office)

applications Administrator


Tip: In this document many different rights and activated menu items are described. If you want to search for a term, use ‘CTRL’+F for your search.



If modules have been activated anew in your WebUntis due to security reasons rights are not automatically activated, not even for the administrator. It therefore is necessary to activate them via <Administration> | <User groups> | <Rights>.

If rights are changed, users of the respective user group need to logout and login again for updating the changes. If the changes affect the logged in user then the changes are immediately effective.

Class teachers/form teachers implicitly have additional options to some rights in WebUntis. It is therefore not mandatory to create a user group for class teachers/form teachers only. The implicitly additional options are described in detail per right in this document.