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In combination with the right ' Administration of student absences ', student’s absences can be excused via <Class register> | <Absences> | question mark icon.




If you check this box it is automatically applied to ALL data!





Class teachers/form teachers can excuse absences automatically with the global right: ' Class register '. This right is not necessary if the teachers have the ' class register ' right already assigned to them.


MaleBossClipboard - Have the possibility excuse absences of students via <Class register> | <Absences> and question mark icon (provided that the right: ' Administration student absences ' is also activated).


PersonPeople - No access!


Application :

'Normal' teachers who are no class teachers/form teachers do not have the right to excuse student absences if they have the right ' Class register ' assigned to them. This right in combination with the right: ' Administer student absences' provides this and other user groups such as headmaster office to administer and excuse student absences.