Class services

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users - Activates the possibility to administer class services: <Class register> | <Class services>.




The right for class services is not automatically assigned in combination with the global right: Class register '. You need to explicitly assign this right to the required user group in order to be able to administer class services.






Class teacher/form teacher get the possibility to administer services of their classes.

They either can assign students to class service via <Class register> | <Class services> or directly in the class register.


MaleClipboard - Can view all class services via <Class register> | <Class services> as a list.


Person - Can view services of their class via <Class register> | <Class services>.


People - No access!



All: Danger


BossMaleClipboard - Possibility to create and edit settings of all classes via class services.


Person - No effect.


People - No access!




Assign the right: ' Class services ' in combination with the rights to ' Rea , Wri , Cre , Del ' for e.g. the teacher user group which provides class teachers/form teachers with the possibility to administer the services of their classes.

By assigning the combination of rights: ' All + Rea ' you provide the user group with the possibility to view the settings of class services of other classes, as well: