Master data Teacher

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users - Activates access to teachers’ master data: <Master data> | <Teachers>.


User’s  :



Read: Tabular view of all teachers. Teachers can additionally access a detailed view of their own master data.

Write: Teachers can edit their own master data. The right to write does not have any effect on other users such as headmaster office or headmaster.

Create: Create new master data for teachers.

Delete: Teachers can delete their own master data. This does not have any effect on other users such as headmaster or headmaster office.


PersonPeople - No access!



All  : Danger



Read: Detailed view of all teacher master data.

Write: Edit all teacher master data.

Create: Create new teacher master data.

Delete: Delete all existing teacher master data.


PersonPeople - No access!


Application  :

Assign this right in combination with the right: 'All' e.g. to headmaster und/or headmaster office so that master data of teachers can be edited, and departments and teaching qualifications can be assigned.




If the ' Teacher working hours ' right is activated, as well, teachers can enter their working hours to their master data in the detailed view.