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users - Additionally activates menu item <Master data> | <Students>.


User‘s  :



Read: Tabular view of master data of all students, but only limited access to master data.

Write: No effect.

Create: Create new students for any classes.

Delete: No effect.



Read: Same as teachers. Additionally there is a detailed view for the students of the respective class teacher. You can change classes and view the contact details of parents and legal guardians in the detailed view.

Write: Class teachers can edit the master data of his/her class.

Create: Create new students for any classes.

Delete: Delete students assigned to the class teacher.


PersonPeople -  No access!


All  : Master data of all classes.Danger



Read: Detailed view for all existing students.

Write: Edit all student master data.

Create: Create new student for any classes.

Delete: Delete all existing students.


PersonPeople -  No access!


Application  :

This right can be assigned to e.g. class teachers/form teachers so that they can edit or delete the master data of the students of their own classes: <Master data> | <Students>.




For a detailed description of how to import students’ data please visit our website.