Timetable modification

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This right provides the possibility to carry out the following activities for lessons and periods: ' shift ', ' cancel</b' and book '  additional  periods '.

The functions can be found at the respective lessons: <Lessons> | <My lessons> | <appointments>.




This right refers to all activities/lessons, also to Untis‘ activities/lessons!


Definition of additional rights:

Wri: Shift lesson

Cre: Book additional periods

Del: Cancel lesson




This right also gives access to activities/bookings created in WebUntis, therefore it is not necessary to assign the right: ' Timetable modification for bookings ' if this right has been assigned.






Can lessons the teach shift, cancel or book additional periods depending on the rights they have been assigned. This is also true for bookings/activities.




Same as teacher. Class teachers/form teachers with the right: 'Timetable modification' additionally have the possibility to carry out these actions (with the exemption to book 'additional periods') for bookings and lessons of their class(es).


PersonPeopleClipboard - No access!



All: Danger




All lessons and activities can either be shifted or cancelled depending on the additional rights which have been assigned. In addition to the user’s own lessons and activities, additional periods can be booked.


PersonPeople - No access!