Timetable modification for bookings

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This right provides the possibility to carry out the following activities for bookings/activities: 'shift' , cancel' and book 'additional periods' .

The functions for the respective activity can be found at the respective booking/activity: <Lessons> | <My lessons> | <Appointments>.




This right exclusively refers to bookings and activities which have been created in WebUntis.


Definition of additional rights:

Wri: Shift bookings/Activities

Cre: Book additional period

Del: Cancel booking/Activity





Male - Can edit bookings/activities and depending on which rights have been assigned to them they can shift, cancel or book an additional period.


Boss - Same as teacher. Class teacher/form teacher additionally have the possibility to cancel or shift bookings/activities which affect the students of their own class.


PersonPeopleClipboard -  No access!



All: Danger




All bookings/activities created in WebUntis can be shifted or cancelled depending on the rights which have been assigned, and you can book additional periods for your own bookings/activities.


PersonPeople - No access!