Managing views

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You can change or delete existing views or create new ones. In addition, you can also define specific views as standard views and add selected views to the menu for master data.


You will find the control elements for managing views in the drop-down list at the bottom right of each window or via the menu item 'Master Data | Master data formats'.


Drop-down list


Use the drop-down list at the bottom right of the window to switch between the existing views for this window or to save, rename or delete changed views.

The 'Save view as...' option creates a new view that is then displayed in the upper section of the list.




If you want to add a view to the menu, just go to 'Edit'.







Note: Modified view

Once you modified a view, a '*' (asterisk) will be displayed next to the name of the view at the bottom right of the window. You can now save this view or create a new view using 'Save view as...'.



Master data formats / Lesson formats


You can display a complete list of all master data views via the menu item 'Master Data | Master data formats' ('Lessons | Overview formats') .





In the 'Standard' column you can select which view should be opened as the default view .


If you wish to add further views to the master data menu, simply check the box for the corresponding view in the 'In menu' column.


You can use the toolbar in this window to create a new view (the active view in the table will be used as a template), or to open or delete an existing view.