Master data formats

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Each type of master data element classes , teachers , rooms , subjects , students ) is managed in its own window.


All master data windows consist of three sections: a toolbar , a grid view and a form view.

Grid view

The grid view is a table with individual rows. Each row represents one element. The grid view displays all the attributes for the element activated (by the user) in the corresponding format. The activated attributes in the example are the fields name, full name, alternative room, room weighting, off-site code and capacity.



Form view

The form view concentrates on one element, and displays the one element with its attributes. In the example above, the form view displays the name of the selected room, the (more informative) full name of the room, the room capacity etc.




You can hide and display the form view using the button at the bottom left of the screen.






The following topics are covered later:



Data entry

Editing formats

Managing formats